Why use an app?

Software has transformed the way we run our businesses. Although sometimes we may not feel confident enough to experiment or even know they exist in order to take advantage of them.

That’s why I wanted to share with you my top ten software apps that I personally use and recommend to my clients to make their lives easier and more productive:

1.       Trello – Project Management

A web based visual platform that uses ‘boards’ with moveable ‘cards’ and ‘lists’ to organise tasks. You’re able to invite as many people as you like to collaborate with you on a board, simply tagging them in your comments notifies their email. It fully integrates with lots of other apps such as google drive too. It’s clever and super simple to use too.

Image ref:  Flickr

Image ref: Flickr

Check out Trello’s full list of clever bits here: Trello.


2.       Hubspot – Free CRM

A web-based CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Services Hub. The CRM is free forever and the other areas vary in their free offerings – the more you pay the more you get.

Great for storing your contacts and following up on leads in your sales pipeline. It also syncs with your email and social media to keep track of your touch points.  

Image ref:  Wikipedia Commons

Check out Hubspot here.

3.       Slack – team communication

A simple to use online chat room for your team and a place to share your files. Chats can be private or for many members of the team. It can be accessed via your phone & desktop. Great for remote teams.

Image ref:  Wikipedia Commons

Check out Slack here.

4.       Wunderlist - ‘To Do’ List

A digital to do list for both your personal and professional life. A simple time saver to keeping organised and avoiding writing and then re-writing lists on paper.

Image Ref:  Flickr

Image Ref: Flickr

Download Wunderlist here.


5.       Chaser – automatic credit control

Sync chaser with your Xero accounting software to send automated reminder emails out from your personal email address (or from your accounts person/team email). It provides a human touch and replies come directly back to your email. It is a quick and simple way of staying on top of your finances.

Get paid quicker with Chaser here.

6.       Zoom – video conference calls

Zoom syncs seamlessly with your email provider. It is super easy to set up conference calls and the other users do not need to be a member. Free for the basic plan. Share screens and instant message. No more faffing about with Skype names and in my opinion, it generally holds a better connection.

Image ref:  Wikipedia commons

View the Zoom plans here.

7.       Lastpass Password & sensitive information management

A ‘vault’ to store all of your sensitive information and passwords. It has a one master password log in that only you know – not even Lastpass have access to it. Add to chrome as a plugin and you’ll never have to remember an indefinitely long digit and letter password ever again… Brilliant. Also available to download on your mobile phone. Super simple to use, seamless and free.

Image ref:  Wikipedia

Image ref: Wikipedia

Find out about how Lastpass works here.

8.       Dropbox collaborative file storage.

Save all your work in the Dropbox cloud and invite others to share your files. Access your files from anywhere and connect it to other apps like Slack, gmail and adobe. They have different storage plans dependent on your business size. I use their Plus Plan for individuals which gives me oodles of space (1 TB).

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Check out their plans here.


9.       Buffer - Social media scheduling

Create and schedule social media posts across all of the major social platforms. Track metrics and analytics. By far the most user friendly and flexible social media app that I have come across – and I have used most others.

Image ref:  Pexels

Image ref: Pexels

Get buffer here.

10.   Camscanner - Portable scanning app

Turn your phone and tablet into a mobile scanner. SO useful to have on your phone when out and about… this said, I also use it when in the office because its so much easier than fiddling with my traditional printer/scanner! I have the free version, however it has some pretty clever features once you start paying such as the OCR feature (optical Character recognition) – scan and extract text from paper and edit directly through your smartphone or tablet.

Download and go with CamScanner.

There are some other great ones out there such as the G-suite, Receipt Bank and Toggl which are worth their weight in productivity gold. Most of these have brilliant free versions for small businesses which can save you both time and a headache.

If you know you could be working faster and want help setting up any of the above systems, get in touch to see how I can help.


Header image ref: Pexels